A. We perform an on-site, face-to-face evaluation of care for each client prior to the start of services. (There may be exemptions to this for Hospice cases.)

B. We create and maintain a written plan of care that is client-specific and that includes tasks, duties, services and information necessary for the Caregiver to properly provide care services for the client.

C. For the purpose of consumer/client protection, we provide a written Service Agreement that is signed by the client or the client’s financially responsible party and a representative of VHC. A copy of this agreement will be provided to the client before services commence. This agreement shall include at a minimum:

         1. The cost of the services provided and the unit of service charged (i.e., per hour, per shift, or daily).

         2. Cancellation (or early cancellation procedures), costs, charges, payments and/or penalties.

         3. The names of the person(s) receiving the care services.

         4. A brief description of services to be provided.

D. Our Case Manager conducts and documents face-to-face quality assurance visits with all clients at least once every 60 days.