A. At Village Home Care (VHC) we operate our businesses with due diligence and professional care in accordance with professional standards and best practices, including carrying workman’s compensation and professional liability insurance and maintaining a payroll service that complies with all state and federal laws.

B. As a business we maintain high standards of conduct and character and require the same of our employees.

C. We maintain the privacy and confidentiality of client information obtained in the course of performing our duties, unless disclosure is required by legal authority. Such information will not be used for personal benefit or released to inappropriate parties.

D. We ensure that all employees maintain competency in the home care service areas through annual training programs.

E. We only undertake those clients, or commitments, which we can reasonably expect to service or complete in a timely manner and with professional competence.

F. We openly address client problems or issues that are brought forward and promptly address and resolve them in a timely manner and with professional courtesy and competence.


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