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Village Home Care Is Here For You And Your Family

There is a growing need throughout our senior communities for those who

need help after returning from a hospital stay, rehabilitation or just cannot

cope with living alone. Village Home Care has been helping these Senior

Citizens, stay in their homes instead of moving away to family or a commercial

living facility.


After working with seniors for many years, it is evident that they would prefer

to stay at home forever if they could.   A large corporation or a franchise

system many times fails to see the client as a person or individual.  They are

held tomany rules and constraints that sometimes leave the client

“not in charge”.  They become a number. 

At Village Home Care, we feel the client comes first.  We sit down and listen to their wants and needs.  We develop a care plan based on what they want.  We let them make choices that suit them best.   This can range from what foods they will have for meals to how THEY run their homes and how they like things done.

Many seniors have no family close by to assist them with day to day tasks.  It seems just like yesterday most tasks were simple.  Now, things such as a trip to the grocery store, doctor or cooking a meal seem impossible without a little extra help.  Our goal is to keep our seniors strong by furnishing them with a healthy diet, plenty of fluids, and a clean environment.

Some of our client’s demonstrate some confusion, dementia or forgetfulness.  Some have Alzheimer’s.  Village Home Care’s caregivers are compassionate, friendly and helpful.  They are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind.

We also offer services to seniors living in an assisted living facility or nursing home.  Many times we are asked by family members to stay with their loved one while in the hospital.  Whatever the need or circumstance, Village Home Care is the answer to you non-medical in home care needs. 



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Providing Non-Medical In-Home Care

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